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Feasibility Studies


Very often a prospective purchaser will base the investment decision on the feasibility, or otherwise, of refurbishment or conversion of the property to alternative use. 

In conjunction with the Building Survey, we can prepare preliminary scheme design drawings with estimated project costs to determine the practical feasibility and economic viability of the investment. 



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CDM Coordinator 


The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) apply to all construction work and have implications for all duty holders including the licnet, the designers, contractors including the Principal Contractor) and the CDM Coordinator


A detailed knowledge of building design and construction processes, combined with accredited training in construction Health and Safety, means that the members of Maguire Fairweather LLP are ideally equipped to perform the role of CDM co-ordinator in Building Projects.


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  Acting as Coordinator we can:  


- Advise and assist the client with their duties.

- Identify, compile and pass on pre-  construction information.

- Notify the Health & Safety Executive of the  works.

- Coordinate Health & Safety aspects of design  work & cooperate 

  with others involved in the project

- Assist good communication between client, designers and  contractors

- Prepare/update the Health and Safety file.