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Planned Maintenance


It is becoming increasingly pertinent for any business plan to allow for the preservation of property owners to be aware of whether the properties they own, or are responsible for, comply with current day standards.


This is why we develop maintenance plans, which highlight where specialist advice might be required to ensure the client has full knowledge of project costs and to allow for future budgeting.  We can even implement any maintenance work required.


We prepare Planned Maintenance programmes in respect of the property portfolios of a variety of public and private sector clients. This service includes periodic surveys, prioritising maintenance works, preparation of budget costings and implementation of works on site.




Building Pathology


Large sums of money are often expended without success, on repairing building defects through incorrect diagnosis or use of inappropriate remedial works.


The identification of defects in buildings is not always straight forward and may involve special techniques, good understanding of building construction styles and experience of defects.


Over the last 25 years we have gained a wealth of experience in diagnosing all sorts of building defects in residential and commercial properties.


Through desktop research and physical site investigations using modern diagnostic equipment we can identify building defects and their causes. This enables us to advise clients on the appropriate forms of remedial work thereby ensuring cost effective solutions.




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